Fran Alexander
Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist

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I always enjoy coming back to your web site to see what new and wonderful works you have done.
Nicole Nicholas - 15 Aug 2017
Thanks for the update in your recent newsletter! It is so inspiring to see your beautiful work - I come away in awe of your vision and creativity, and am so impressed at the skill of all that you do. You use only the best materials, and your paintings are exquisitely and meticulously crafted. Your floral art is a joy to behold! I liked seeing your latest piece in the current exhibition at Federation Art Gallery on Granville Island. Many congratulations on all of your success - so richly deserved!
Lorna Slimman - 4 Mar 2017
We 3 (including Adam) are truly 'happy' to own your splendid 'Happy' painting of the cheerful mandarins! Was lovely to have met you, the artist, and to hear the story behind the creation of 'Happy'. Thank you!
Becky and Kenny - 20 Nov 2016
Fran saw one of your florals on the artistes newsletter and was very impressed so I clicked on your website and was even more impressed. Lovely paintings, beautiful colour depth and composition. Maybe see you at PBN.
Linda Bell - 9 Sep 2016
Thank you for talking with me yesterday at VanDusen about your work, Fran. I appreciate your insights and enthusiasm. Your paintings are simply beautiful!
Lorraine Robson - 8 Sep 2016
The best art class I have ever had. Thank you so much Fran. The time flew by. I learnt so much about painting and I want more. Your art is so beautiful and your abstracts are my new favorite.
Nicole Nicholas - 14 Aug 2016
Love your paintings especially your florals. You are Amazing. Let me know when you are having show, love to see your fabulous collection.
Fay Jensen - 6 Jul 2016
I stop to watch your art, and I saw a big heart and passion from the virtuosity of your work and soul, that goes hand to hand ... and amuse to who surround you!. thanks to make this world more beautiful...
Jorge Padilla - 5 Jul 2016
Wonderful work
Eleanor - 2 Mar 2016
Thanks for sharing this with me Fran! I enjoyed seeing samples of all your work, but I especially admire the pears, and the birds nests.
Eileen Korponay - 27 Nov 2015
Hi Fran, I am the lucky purchaser of your "Best Buddies" painting from the Anonymous Art Show last night! I love it! I am new to your art work, but am now a solid fan. Thank you :)
Margaret - 20 Nov 2015
Congratulations Frances for receiving the Artistic Achievement at the South Delta Art Guild for their Oil & Water Art Show! The painting of the Canadian Flag was magnificent! Great use of shadows and lighting!
Mabel - 1 Aug 2015
I am delighted with " Three Pears and a Tea Cup". Your painting provides a warm glow of color on my chocolate malt colored wall. I feel gifted to have one of your art treasures. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..thank you.
Darlene - 12 Jun 2015
These works of art exhibit all the beauty, grace and serenity of their creator. So proud and happy to own one myself.
Andrea Murphy - 2 May 2015
Extraordinsry development of your artistic skills! It's so exciting to see the different avenues you're exploring. I LOVE the Flight series! Beautiful work Fran - you're so gifted
Lorna Slimman - 19 Mar 2015
Beautiful. No more words than that. Thank you.
Marianne - 27 Feb 2015
Hi Fran. I love your work! I have the same name as you. Love, fran
Fran alexander - 23 Jan 2015
Beautiful work!
Faith Marie - 12 Dec 2014
Hi Fran, Such a fabulous works. I love White peony one!!
Etsu Inoue - 6 Nov 2014
Love your new pieces, so beautiful.
Nicole Nicholas - 8 Aug 2014
Great exhibition at Vandusen ! A group of woman were fortunate enough to see 2 of your paintings last week at the gardens and loved them. You really have a gift. Congrats !
Birgitta Cameron - 23 Jul 2014
Beautiful work, Fran! It was great to meet you today at the FCA Gallery. I enjoyed seeing your website, and hope to see your work "in the flesh" soon. Best wishes,
Perry Haddock - 22 Jul 2014
Madame Alexander, I was fortunate enough to see your incredible work on display at Van Dusen - magnificent! You have another adoring fan,
Doris - 13 May 2014
Congratulations on your exhibits Fran - we could NOT be happier with our nest - Golden Eggs a Nesting! Your work is amazing, so nice that we have met you!
Kim & Ron - 10 Apr 2014
Fran, your work is simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone.
LInda Yorke - 9 Apr 2014
WAY TO GO GIRL!!! What a perfect web site! Cheers!
Dad - 20 Mar 2014
I can only hope and wish to achieve your level of skill and artistry. They say practice makes perfect. Yes, but there is also such a thing as talent & you are a major one.
Susan Perez - 31 Jan 2014
Tea for two. Thank you for introducing me to your stunning web site, My wife and I will be returning often.
Leo - 18 Jan 2014
Congratulations, Fran! Your passion for art really shines through your beautiful work. Absolutely stunning!
Gloria - 10 Jan 2014
Fran these are stunning. You have such a perceptive eye and a steady hand and a beautiful feeling for colour. Congratulations!
Susan Bartlett - 8 Jan 2014
Exquisite birds' nests - truly unique. Many thanks and best wishes.
JPS - 7 Jan 2014
I am awed by your talent and love you work Fran.
Dave - 5 Jan 2014
Congratulations Fran! Most gorgeous and detailed work... I'm so proud of you, my friend.
Michelle Jinn - 26 Dec 2013
The vibrancy and detail in your art work is wonderful! I really like how close to the subject the paintings are. Please bring your work to Hong Kong for display.
Genia Camplin - 26 Dec 2013
Wow Fran, I am so impressed with your talent. The detail is wonderful and colors are so vibrant - I love it.
Nelda Gerner - 26 Dec 2013
I really love all your work, hope I can be in Vancouver next year to appreciate your gallery.
ROGERIO MENDES - 24 Dec 2013
What a wonderful way to view your work. Your paintings are amazing ....I am sure this website will give you plenty of exposure
olga - 9 Dec 2013
Congratulations, Fran. You are so very talented.
Eleanor - 7 Dec 2013
What gorgeous, lush paintings you have created! I especially love the bird nests - such an unusual subject matter. You have really captured their fragile,ephemeral nature. I'll be back to this website - I can't wait to see what's next!
Cindy - 7 Dec 2013
You can feel the textures, taste the fruit and smell the flowers. Clearly, a vivid passion is put into each stroke with a flair that only the most gifted of artists can tap into. Fran puts the "life' in 'still life". Brilliant.
Sam - 6 Dec 2013
What beautiful and original paintings! I am so impressed by your artistic gifts, both in the ideas, the technique, and the execution. You continue to inspire me, and I can't wait to see more. Your florals are jaw dropping!
Lorna Slimman - 6 Dec 2013
Truly wonderful! Not only are the paintings gorgeous but the website is as well. Lovely!
Cynthia - 4 Dec 2013
Fabulous work! I still remember some of the wonderful paintings that you had along the walls of our home when we were growing up. All the best to you as you continue this journey into art!
Mabel - 4 Dec 2013
Absolutely beautiful. Incredible talent, gorgeous paintings and lovely website! You're amazing Fran!
Claire - 4 Dec 2013
Fran, your art is truly gorgeous. With your impeccable skill your work evokes wonderful memories. I love the party and celebration works...the titles fill in the rest of the story. We can all imagine being there; wish we had been, Congratulations and here's to more beautiful work to come. With admiration, Barbara
Barbara Lindsay - 3 Dec 2013
Wow! Beautiful! Best wishes to you both online and off!
Gaylean - 3 Dec 2013
Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing online!
Lesley wright - 3 Dec 2013
Hi Fran, Thank you for sharing...I love your work and look forward to seeing it up close one day!
Dilette Scheuren - 2 Dec 2013
Hi Fran, how beautiful - these are wonderful paintings. Kind regards, Louise
Louise Mc Dowell - 1 Dec 2013
Congratulation, you have created a wonderful web sight to finally display all your beautiful work. I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy visiting this sight.
Nicole Nicholas - 1 Dec 2013
Rose Flammant - 30 Nov 2013
Shelley - 29 Nov 2013
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