Fran Alexander
Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist


(posted on 27 Jul 2017)

The title of this series is Abstract Congruity.
These pieces remind me of lines and figures laid over one another, with an overall sense of harmony.

(posted on 7 Jul 2017)

I enjoyed my time in the Northwest Territories. It is/was a rugged part of Canada, but well worth a visit. Chocked full of black, grizzly, and polar bears sightings!


(posted on 28 Jun 2017)

A snapshot of my art studio. The place of creation. Where my imaginations fill my head with ideas too many to count.

(posted on 13 Jun 2017)

Polar Bear 1 & 2 have found happy new homes. The creative process for these was two paintings was looser, and more brush works focused.

(posted on 3 May 2017)

Something as ubiquitous as the syllable or word "Eh" has come identify Canadians. So small, yet so strong. These are two of my studies before I created Canada, Eh ( under the Paintings tab).

Eh! Eh?

(posted on 23 Apr 2017)

What an amazing group of talented ( and nice) artists. Local Vancouver based artists will gather on June 11th at Heritage Hall for a show and sale. Cruise on by and meet the artists and see their work.

(posted on 2 Apr 2017)

There's a serenity painting animals, and adding personality to each of them. My rooster paintings were fun, fun, fun to create.

(posted on 17 Mar 2017)

These two were delivered to the Lions Gate Hospital as part of their permanent art collection. They will contribute an environment that promotes the healing and recovery of their patients.

(posted on 26 Feb 2017)

Being a part of the Federation Of Canadian Artists Fraser Valley Chapters comes with highlights. One is being being honored with the Award of Excellence for "Reflecting Light 1".

(posted on 7 Feb 2017)

Just finished this little gem. Something lovely for Valentine's Day.

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