Fran Alexander
Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist


(posted on 7 Oct 2017)

The Optimist grizzly begged to be painted twice, as he/she evoked a feeling, and essence of bear-ness. I am a big believer of painting in series as one idea leads to another, building, re-shaping, and learning from the previous.

Enjoy, as there maybe more Optimists to come. 

(posted on 24 Sep 2017)

I painted Wolf after a few weeks away from the easel, tending to other art related agenda items. I hadn't actually been putting paint on canvas, certainly not as liberally and as frequently as I normally do. It feels so natural re-aquainting myself with my paints, canvas, and letting loose. John Lennon once said that he measured time by the number of his albums. I feel I measure time through my art.


(posted on 11 Sep 2017)

A wonderful blend of art and wine at the West Fine Art Show at the Glass House Estate Winery. I even had a grape vine over my display. Definitely a lovely venue with some really great artists. 


(posted on 27 Aug 2017)

As the cold snap nears winter's door, polar bears test the stability of the icey patches by carefully gliding their entire bodies on to the uncertain surfaces. With winter comes food opportunities. 

(posted on 27 Jul 2017)

The title of this series is Abstract Congruity.
These pieces remind me of lines and figures laid over one another, with an overall sense of harmony.

(posted on 7 Jul 2017)

I enjoyed my time in the Northwest Territories. It is/was a rugged part of Canada, but well worth a visit. Chocked full of black, grizzly, and polar bears sightings!


(posted on 28 Jun 2017)

A snapshot of my art studio. The place of creation. Where my imaginations fill my head with ideas too many to count.

(posted on 13 Jun 2017)

Polar Bear 1 & 2 have found happy new homes. The creative process for these was two paintings was looser, and more brush works focused.

(posted on 3 May 2017)

Something as ubiquitous as the syllable or word "Eh" has come identify Canadians. So small, yet so strong. These are two of my studies before I created Canada, Eh ( under the Paintings tab).

Eh! Eh?

(posted on 23 Apr 2017)

What an amazing group of talented ( and nice) artists. Local Vancouver based artists will gather on June 11th at Heritage Hall for a show and sale. Cruise on by and meet the artists and see their work.

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