Fran Alexander, AFCA
Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media Visual Artist

Fran Alexander Bio


Fran Alexander, a Vancouver based painter, always knew she wanted to be an artist.  Her earliest memory at the age of three was sitting on her grandmother’s knee stringing glass beads, mesmerized by all the colors and the dance of light from their shiny surfaces.  Taking every art class she could throughout elementary and high school, Fran carried on her artistic endeavors at the University of British Columbia, graduating as a teacher of art.


Fran has travelled the world, painting passionately in Vancouver, teaching art in Toronto, in Luxembourg for nearly a decade, and the rare opportunity of having taught in the Northwest Territories.  As a member of the Inuvik Arts and Crafts Council for three years, Fran ardently promoted cultural enrichment in the North.  Her presentations at the teachers’ conferences were richly informed by her classroom experience, and composed primarily of Inuvialuit, Gwich’n, and Metis children. Fran has said her time in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.


Fran expresses her passion for art with an architectural eye through the heart of a poet, creating floral compositions so keenly represented as to almost conjure scent.  Her still life recreations quietly inhabit the soul and her whimsical food representations are realistic enough to eat.  A skillful use of colour, form, and balance are a testament to training, and diligent application, and her limitless subject matter is a constant muse, urging her ever onward to masterfully render paintings that are simply put, exquisite.

Fran has been awarded AFCA ( Associate Federation of Canadian Artists) Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.  She is the event coordinator for the annual Mid Main Art Fair, which features the works of 18 established local artists. 




2015 - Honorable Mention, Federation of Canadian Artists, Pink Peonies and Bud
2015 - Artistic Achievement, South Delta Artists Guild, Canadian Flag
2015 - Third Place, North Vancouver Community Arts Council, Flirtatious Pears
2015 - Featured in 2016 Calendar, Federation of Canadian Artists, Canadian Flag 
2016 - Third Place, Federation of Canadian Artists, Eggscentric

2017 - Honorable Mention, Seymour Art Gallery, Balance Art Show, Retreat
2017 - Award of Excellence, FCA Fraser Valley Chapter, Spring Show, Reflecting Light 1

Shows Juried
I am honoured to have been selected juror for the following art shows. 

2016 - West Kootenay Chapter FCA Show, Off the Wall
2017 - FCA Show, The Active Members Show
2017 - Calgary FCA Chapter show, All Things Spring
2017 - Peace River FCA Chapter show, Our Home and Native Land
2017-  FCA, Crossing Boundaries
2017 - FCA, O Canada
2017-  FCA, Painting on the Edge

Past Shows

FCA = Federation of Canadian Artists, Federation Gallery
          1241 Cartwright St., Granville Island, Vancouver B. C. 


January 14-26,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Members' Show
Selected paintings: Quinces, Brunch Bouquet, The Celebration, FCA

January 28- February 9,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Artists Choice Show
Selected paintings: Nestled Crimson Pears, White Peony Encore ( juried show), FCA

April 29-May 11,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Canvas Unbound Show
Selected painting: Fly Away With Me ( juried show), 

February 9-May 26,  Yosef Wosk Library & Resource Centre at Van Dusen Botanical Garden
Solo exhibition and sale of floral paintings.

April 10-June 1,  Discovery Room at the Visitors Centre in Van Dusen Botanical Gardens
Poetic Illumination
Solo exhibition and sale of original paintings. 

May 27-June 8,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Foliage and Flowers Show
Selected painting: Fermata ( juried show), FCA

June 10-29,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Small, Smaller, Smallest Show
Select paintings: Three for Tea, Tea for Two (juried show), FCA

July 26, Aug. 13 & 14,  Artist in Residence, Federation Gallery, FCA

Nov. 18-20,  Federation of Canadian ArtistsTen Squared
Selected paintings: Asian Tea, Tea CupFCA

Oct. 1-Nov. 30, Secret Garden Tea Restaurant, solo art show
Selection of current paintings. Vancouver, B.C.

Nov. 20-Dec. 20,  The 10th Annual Anonymous ART Show
Group exhibit and fundraising event
Selected paintings: Fall 1, Fall 2
North Vancouver Community Arts Council, 335 Lonsdale Ave.

Dec. 3-Jan. 6, Gallery at Hycroft
Group exhibit of current works
University Women's Club of Vancouver, 1489 McRae Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

Jan. 7-18, Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Members Show
Selected painting: Peonies BlossomsFCA

Feb. 3-15, Federation of Canadian Artists, Artist Choice Show
Selected paintings: Tucked In, Perfectly Perched Crimson Pears (juried show), FCA

Apr. 7-19,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Foliage and Flowers Show
Selected paintings: Flower Duet, Pink Peonies and Bud, Glorious Magnolias ( juried show)
Honorable Mention awarded to: Pink Peonies and BudFCA

Apr. 21-May 11,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Canvas Unbound Show
Selected paintings:
Festival, Flirtatious Pears ( juried show), FCA

May 16-June 7,  National Crossing Boundaries Art Exhibition 2015
Discover the "Splendor of Canada" as explored by Western and Chinese artist living in Canada.
Federation Gallery & International Art Gallery
Selected painting: In The Folds ( juried show), FCA

June 7,  6th Annual Mid Main Art Fair
This popular one-day art fair features 17 established artists from the lower mainland.

June 9-21,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Small, Smaller, Smallest 
Selected painting: Peony Garden ( juried show), FCA
June 23-July 19, Federation of Canadian ArtistsSummer Gallery 2015
6 paintings are on display during this busy gallery period
(juried show), FCA

Aug. 7-8,  Artist in Residence, Federation Gallery, FCA
July 30-Aug. 22,  Oil and Water Juried Art Show, 2015
Selected paintings: Magnolia Tree, Canadian Flag 
Artist Achievement Award, juried show
Gallery 1710, South Delta Art Guild
Sept. 17- Oct. 5, Art Rental Show at the City Scape Gallery
Selected paintings: Lightness, Magnificent Magnolia, Fermata
City Scape Community Art Space, North Vancouver
Oct. 6 - 25, Federation of Canadian Artists
Annual International Representational Show, AIRS 2015
Selected painting: Steel Magnolia, juried show, FCA
Oct. 27 - Nov. 8, Federation of Canadian ArtistsICON Art Show
Selected painting:
Beautiful Canada, juried show, FCA
Nov. 10 - 22, Federation of Canadian Artists, Ten Squared Art Show
Five 10 X10" of my nest paintings were on exhibition and sale, FCA
Nov. 20- Dec. 19, The 11th Annual Anonymous ART Show
Group exhibit and fundraising event
North Vancouver Community Arts Council, 335 Lonsdale Ave.
Dec. 10-Jan. 2, Jericho Arts Centre, Solo Art Show
Jan. 5-17, Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Members Art Show
Selected paintings: Organic Garden, Home WorksFCA
Mar 15-27, Federation of Canadian Artists, Success! Signature Art Show
Selected paintings:
Emblem of Canada, O Canada, Beaming White and Red, juried show, FCA
Apr 26-May 8, Federation of Canadian Artists, Culture Art Show
Selected painting:
Canadian Roots, juried show, FCA
May 28, 29,  North Vancouver Community Arts Council, Art in the Garden Show
June 1-Aug. 31, Federation of Canadian Artists, Limitless Art Show
Juried online art show, 
June 21-July 3, Federation of Canadian Artists, Annual International Mail In Art Exhibition
Third Place Award, juried show, FCA
July 6-17, Federation of Canadian Artists, CanCon Art Show
Selected paintings: Celebration Canada, Canadian Maple Leaf , juried show, FCA
July 12-24, Silk Purse Arts Centre Gallery, Art in the Garden Group Show
Group exhibition of current works, juried show
West Vancouver, BC
Aug. 4-Sept. 3, Art Rental Show at the City Scape Gallery
City Scape Community Art Space, North Vancouver

Sept. 1-28, Van Dusen Botanical Garden's Discovery Room, The Nature of Art
Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Federation of Canadian Artists, The 75th FCA Signature Celebration and Exhibition
Selected painting: Canadian Maple Leaf Forever, juried show
The Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver BC
Oct. 4-23, Federation of Canadian Artists, AIRS, Annual International Representational Show
Selected painting: Magnolia Grandeur, juried show, FCA
Oct. 25-Nov.6, Federation of Canadian Artists, Concept Art Show
Selected paintings: Oriental Florets, Oriental Buds, juried show, FCA
Nov. 17-20, Eastside Culture Crawl, Painters Studio Exhibit and Sale
Portside Studios, Vancouver BC
Nov. 22-27, Federation of Canadian Artists, Ten Squared, FCA
Nov. 18-Dec. 17, The 12th Annual Anonymous ART Show
Group exhibit and fundraising event
City Scape Community Art Space, North Vancouver Community Arts Council
Jan. 7- 27, Seymour Art Gallery, Balance
Group exhibition
Selected painting: Retreat, juried show
Awarded Honorable Mention
Jan. 31- Feb. 12, Federation of Canadian Artists, Artists Choice Show
Selected paintings: Oriental Floral Buds, Japanese Maple Buds, juried show, FCA
Feb. 28 - Mar. 11, Federation of Canadian Artists, Abstract Show
Selected painting: Connections, juried show, FCA
Feb. 26- Mar. 27, FCA Fraser Valley Chapter, Spring Exhibition, 
Selected painting: Reflecting Light 1 & 2, juried show
Award of Excellence for Reflecting Light 1
May 5-7, Art in the City, Annual Art Show and Sale
May 27-28, North Vancouver Community Arts Council, Art in the Garden
June 11, 7th Annual Mid Main Art Fair, Heritage Hall
June 19-July 2, Federation of Canadian Artists, O Canada Show
Selected painting: O Canada, FCA



2014 - Kate Booth House, Salvation Army
2015-2016 - Young Life of Canada
2016 - FCA, Paint By Numbers fundraising event
2017 - Lions Gate Hospital Healing Power of Art Program, permanent collection
2017 - BC Children's Hospital Foundation